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Friday, October 28, 2011

Want The Tried And True Firefox 3.6 back?

Here's a link I found for downloading Firefox 3.6.23:

In Mozilla's very next release, Firefox 4.0.0, some new and potentially serious security issues were introduced. You can read about them at the links below:

One issue, the WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) feature, was NOT a part of the 3.6.x versions, so the above mentioned 3.6.23 would be safe against this vulnerability. Note, too, that the WebGL problem in Firefox affects ALL operating systems - Windows, LINUX, ... [FYI, WebGL is used to create 3D graphics in a web browser without extra plugins.]

Several sites have quoted that "Firefox 5 was the security fix for 4.0.1." How very nice :s)

Until Mozilla gets its issues worked out, I'd either recommend sticking with 3.6.23 or going with 6.0 or later. I've downloaded the 3.6.23 files for both Windows and LINUX and am storing them, just in case Mozilla decides to pull them off the site. I may yet want them again.

Something to Consider:
Representatives from Red Hat and Novel/SuSE told me during recent telephone conversations that they are sticking with Firefox 3.6.x in their enterprise products - at least for now. The U.S. Air Force's LPS LINUX also comes with 3.6.23.

To me, this speaks VOLUMES about what people needing reliability think of the current Mozilla mess!

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