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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book review: Radio Receiver Projects You Can Build

This is one book I heartily recommend for anyone interested in amateur (ham) radio, shortwave listening, or general electronics. I have owned this book for nearly 10 years and have actually built my own variations of a couple of the projects shown. This book covers crystal radios, tube type regenerative receivers, transistorized radios, solar powered radios, and more. This book contains good, solid, practical construction advice and tips for both newbies as well as more seasoned radio hobbyists.

For years I have wanted to try my hand at building an old-fashioned one or two tube set like old radio hobby magazines used to describe. This book contains those. If you want to build a solar-powered transistorized radio, the information is there.

Whether you are a father wanting a nice father-son (or daughter) project, or you are an aspiring ham radio operator, or a prepper wanting a simple EMP-proof tube radio that you can build and repair yourself, this book is for you. I bought mine at a brick-and-mortar store almost 10 years ago; they are available online at Amazon.

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