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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Using Screen Capture Utility in GNOME 3

If you have used the screen capture utility in GNOME 3, you are probably aware that you cannot simply have the "Windows" or "Applications" screen active and call up the screen capture applet at the same time. When you call up the screen capture applet, the menu window you are trying to photograph will close and return you to the main desktop. Here's the workaround I used to take the screen capture photos shown in my last blog post.

When you have the GNOME screen capture applet open, there is an item called "Grab after a delay of ___ seconds". What I did was to set the delay for about 10 seconds, then click "Take Screenshot". The screen capture applet recedes to the background and the computer now acts as though nothing is happening. This allows plenty of time to navigate to the menu to be photographed and get everything poised for the picture. The capture applet dialogue window pops back up as soon as the capture occurs and you can then save your capture to a file.

This also works with GNOME 2.

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