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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dietz lanterns an economical alternative (+playlist)

This man, who goes by the name "Maine Prepper" on YouTube, has some good videos on homesteading, self sufficiency topics, etc. This one is a very interesting video on oil lamps.

Over the years I have used various types of oil lamps both during emergencies as well as occasionally for mood lighting. But I learned more about these "blizzard" lamps (I've always heard them referred to as hurricane lamps) during this short video than I knew from all the times I've used them.

A most enjoyable and informative few minutes spent that could end up being quite useful at some point.

A reminder - I have recently started my own YouTube channel where I plan on posting various 'how-to' and other types of videos I think my viewership might like.

Here's a couple links for getting one.

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