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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MIPS System Calls - References

A quick word on MIPS and QtSPIM is on order. In previous posts I linked to a MIPS assembly language command reference, but neglected to provide any links to system calls. I'm helping out some students with MIPS lab this semester and they don't seem to have the information they need on this subject. So, for anyone who needs it, here are a couple links for MIPS system calls:
This link's information is taken directly from Jim Larus's book "SPIM S20: A MIPS R2000 Simulator".
Contains more detailed information regarding MIPS in QtSPIM as well as for MARS (MIPS Assembler and Runtime Simulator).

MARS is another program that serves a similar purpose as QtSPIM.

Below are a couple links I reposted from one of my previous blog entries:
A list of MIPS registers and what they are used for.
A comprehensive MIPS command reference.

Hope these help someone.

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